Safety of Funds

At Blackridge Capital, our client’s safety comes as a top priority.

Blackridge Capital’s Fund Safety Measures

Our top priority is keep your funds safe. So, how do we do it?

Segregated Accounts

Blackridge Capital uses segregated bank accounts for client funds held with Tier 1 banking institutions. Your safety imperative to us.

Negative Balance Protection

All Blackridge Capital traders are protected by negative balance insurance to ensure that you’ll never be able to lose more than you’ve deposited.

24/7 Support
Our dedicated team is always available to give our clients immediate and unlimited support. We’re here to ensure you’ll have a smooth trading journey.
Safety as standard

Blackridge Capital understands that trading carries risk for anyone navigating the financial markets. So, we’re giving you peace of mind that your funds will be safe as you embark on your journey to success

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